Manufacture Competence

World class manufacturing facilities:

KET’s extensive manufacturing facilities at Daman consists of cutting edge technologies and infrastructure spread over 4,00,000 sq. ft. works area. Following superior CNC special purpose machines form a solid base for KET’s high tech products

First of its kind in India. Special Software for making foolproof machining programmes. Cuts down
production time of the critical Twin and Single Screws. Provides precise quality of Screws and much
faster delivery.
Double than the normal production capacity of both single and Twin Bore Barrels Extended capacity
upto 5 meters deep.
 Repeatability and positioning accuracy within 5 microns. Used for accurate high quality machining
of precision components like Thrust gear box components Film and Pipe Die head component.
 Mainly used for accurate machining of precision components like ‘T’ Dies, Thrust box castings and Die Head components.
 Latest machine for quality control Checks for the dimensional accuracy of components. Checks three
dimensions of a component in one setting.